At what age can you give a baby cornflakes?

Can you give cornflakes to a baby?

it is ok to give cornflakes, but make sure its those plain ones, as there are some cornflakes with added sugar which is not good for young children. If really need to give those with added sugar, then don’t give them everyday, perhaps once a week.

Can we give corn flakes to 9 month old baby?

Yes. Whole grain kernels, including corn, are a potential choking hazard for babies under 12 months of age.

At what age can baby eat cornflakes?

When can babies have cereal? Fortified infant cereals are designed to be a first food, so you can spoon-feed them to your cutie as soon as she starts on solids, usually around 6 months.

Can a 10 month old baby eat cornflakes?

Answer: Hi dear if ur sugar level s normal u can take corn flakes its safe . its high in fibre which will keep u away from constipation and digestion problems..i take once or twice in week . u can try it also . its safe .

Is corn flakes hard to digest?

Some people consume corn flakes for breakfast every single day. They can be eaten with milk and topped with fresh fruits, dried fruits or nuts. They are easy to digest and hence, may even pass off as ‘healthy’.

Can 6 month old have Weetabix?

As with any food, you can give your baby Weetabix once they’re over six months as they start weaning. Weetabix and its related products including Ready Break or Oatibix aren’t suitable for babies under six months.

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