At what age is it OK to perm a child’s hair?

Can my 3 year old get a perm?

Many recommendations from professional hair stylists to medical professionals indicate that chemically changing a child’s hair before puberty is not recommended. Children’s hair before this time is typically thinner and more fragile and can be easily damaged by even the most gentle perms.

Are kiddie perms safe?

“Although kiddie perms irritate the scalp less than lye relaxers, they can leave calcium buildup on the hair,” Sophia continues. “Calcium buildup can cause the hair to feel dry, and brittle—the hair will look dull, and feel dry. Kiddie perms under process the hair, so the hair will tangle, and never look straight.

Can girls get perms?

These new techniques create different types of curls, from spiral coils to wavy hair. Cole says that women today typically get perms to enhance their natural texture, whether that’s an S-pattern curl (think: taking your hair out of a braid) or an undone wave.

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