Best answer: How do I connect my hatch baby rest to my phone?

How do I connect my hatch rest to Bluetooth?

Position yourself within Bluetooth range (approx. 30 feet from Restore) and be aware that thick walls and doors can impede Bluetooth connection. Press the button with the two arrows (the Bluetooth connection button) on the bottom of your Restore for two seconds — the clock display will briefly say “ON”.

How do I pair my hatch rest?

3 Connect your Rest+ Open the Hatch Rest app and follow the steps to connect your Rest+. highter) and Android (Lollipop and higher). Touch Ring Touch Ring Tap the touch ring to turn on the device. Tap the touch ring again to cycle through preset light and sound combinations.

Why is my hatch rest not connecting?

There are many reasons your Rest+ may lose connectivity, but the most common ones include: Your WiFi router is down or intermittently goes down. You change your Wi-Fi network password. Your Rest+ becomes unplugged and runs out of battery.

Does Hatch rest have Bluetooth?

As a sound machine, the Hatch Baby Rest is great. … This Bluetooth-enabled white noise machine can be controlled through your smartphone using the app from Hatch Baby.

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Is the Hatch rest Bluetooth?

A time-to-rise / time-to-wake system for toddlers and older kids. An iOS/Android app that allows you to control the Rest from your phone (only via Bluetooth for the Rest)

How do you reset a hatch baby rest?

After making sure Rest is firmly plugged in both at its base and in the wall, do the following: Take a paperclip and stick it in the small hole on the base of Rest (small black circle in the above diagram). This should reset Rest and allow you to turn it on successfully.

How do I connect my hatch rest mini?

In the Hatch Sleep app, go to the settings page and select your Rest Mini to go to the device settings page. On the device settings page, tap Update Wi-Fi and go through the steps to try re-connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Do you need WiFi for hatch baby rest?

Yes, you will need a Wi-Fi connection and the Hatch Sleep app. … You’ll also use the Hatch Sleep app to use the two-way audio monitor feature and to create and edit your child’s bedtime and wake-up programs.

How do I connect my hatch rest to my phone?

Those steps are listed below:

  1. Hold the volume up and brightness up buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds (your clock will then display “ON”)
  2. Tap NEXT.
  3. Select your Rest+ from the Available Rest screen.
  4. Choose your WiFi network (your phone will need to be on the same network as your Rest+ during this set-up process)

Can you play your own music on Hatch baby rest?

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine

Parents with babies can use the baby monitor functionality to listen to their kids, plus the white noise and night light to help infants fall asleep. … And the sound machine doesn’t play your own, or any music, like many sound machines do. You just get the pre-programmed tracks.

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