Do pull ups work as swim diapers?

Can you use pull-ups for swim diapers?

Incontinence should never stop you from enjoying a beach day or a family trip to the pool. Our swim pull-ups for adults are the perfect product for those that want to swim, but experience incontinence. With a waterproof exterior and an absorbent core, swim pull-ups allow you to swim freely without worrying about leaks.

Is a pull up the same as a swim diaper?

No, they are different things. A pullup is like a diaper, it expands to hold urine while also holding in bowel movements. In the water, a pullup will expand and explode much the way any other diaper would. A swim diaper is snug-fitting to hold in bowel movements but it does not hold in pee.

What can I use in place of a swim diaper?

Almost ANY cloth diaper can work as a swim diaper. It’s true! We have used Bummis, Bumgenius, and Softbums shells as swim diapers and they all work perfectly.

What do toddlers wear in the pool?

All children from 0-18 months need a reusable or disposable swim nappy. Swim nappies are an essential piece of swimwear and any child who isn’t potty-trained will need to wear one in a swimming pool. The Happy Nappy provides excellent protection from faecal leakage and is mandatory in 99% of swim schools.

How can I swim with incontinence?

Another way to handle incontinence during a water activity is with the use of SOSecure Containment Unisex Swim Brief For Adults or incontinence swim trunks for adults that are meant to be worn under a swimsuit against the skin to protect against fecal incontinence and a certain amount of urinary incontinence.

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