Frequent question: Can we use diaper after circumcision?

When should I change my baby’s diaper after circumcision?

It may take about seven to 10 days before the circumcised area is completely healed.

  1. Change your baby’s diaper as soon as it is dirty.
  2. The gauze dressing should be changed with each diaper change.
  3. To prevent infection, be sure to wash your hands before and after you change the gauze.

What should you not do after circumcision?

Pat the cut (incision) dry. You may also take short baths if you wish. Avoid strenuous activities, such as bicycle riding, jogging, weight lifting, or aerobic exercise, for 4 weeks or until your doctor says it is okay. You can return to work and normal activities, including driving, when you are comfortable doing them.

How do I care for my baby after circumcision?

How to care for your child after a circumcision

  1. Check for bleeding. Blood staining of the diaper is common after circumcision. …
  2. Ease swelling. …
  3. Bathe your child frequently. …
  4. Prevent skin sticking. …
  5. Apply a barrier ointment. …
  6. Give pain relief if needed.

What should baby wear after circumcision?

Keep it protected. After surgery, a bandage with petroleum jelly may be placed on your baby’s penis that usually falls off the next time your baby pees. Pediatricians have mixed feelings about whether or not you need to continue putting some sort of dressing over a healing penis, so ask what your doctor’s preference is …

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How long do you need to put Vaseline on a circumcision?

Even after the dressing is no longer needed, you should put a dab of petroleum jelly on the penis or on the front of the diaper for 3 to 5 days. This can help avoid discomfort from rubbing and sticking to the diaper. It usually takes between 7 to 10 days for a circumcised penis to heal from the procedure.

What age is best for circumcision?

Circumcision at the age of 7 or 8 days is held as the ideal time for circumcision in many religions and cultural traditions.

Can I use Vaseline after circumcision?

Put plenty of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) on the circumcision area during each diaper change. This will prevent your baby’s penis from sticking to the diaper while it heals.

Does circumcision affect size?

Conclusions: Despite the small number of subjects, this study shows that NMC was associated with shorter penile length. Second to fourth digit ratio, flaccid penile length, and age of circumcision were also significant predictive factors for erectile penile length.

When can I wash after circumcision?

You can shower 24 hours after the operation but do not bath until the wound is healed. Do not soak or scrub the wound whilst showering, gently blot the area to dry it using a soft towel.

How long after circumcision do babies pee?

Call your pediatrician right away if: Your baby does not urinate normally within 6 to 8 hours after the circumcision.

Do babies feel pain during circumcision?

Newborns do feel pain, but they seem to get through the procedure easier than older children do. In newborns, we numb the penis and perform the procedure in the hospital nursery while the baby is awake. We use a clamp technique, which does have a small risk of bleeding.

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Do babies cry a lot after circumcision?

It’s normal for the newborn to cry, especially in the first 24 hours after the procedure. This is a big day for him. Some babies might have a change in feeding and/or sleeping patterns, while others may just be overall fussier. This is OK.