How did parents disappoint the child when they took him to the fair?

How was the behavior of the parents with the child while going to the fair?

His parents loved him but they did not want to spoil him by buying him various things in the fair. Explanation: The child also knew that his father will not be buying him anything hence he had learned to control his desires.

How did the child lost in the fair?

Answer: In the fair , there were many beautiful things like toys , sweets , balloons and many more. The child wanted all those things but his parents were neglecting him and in watching those things the child was lagging behind . … In this way the child lost in the fair.

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Why did the child parents stop on the way to the fair?

While going to the fair, the child’s parents stopped under the shade of a grove to rest for a while. … His parents would have refused to buy a garland of Gulmohar because they thought it to be cheap. So the child did not ask for it without waiting for their reply.

Who did take the child to the fair?

Explanation: the child went to the fair with his parents who had some financial problems . There the child sees many things that he wants and ask’s for them. He doesn’t wait for an answer and goes ahead as he knew the financial condition of his parents.

How was the little boy feeling while going to the fair?

The child is very happy and excited because he is also going to fair with his parents. On the way to the fair, the child is fascinated by the natural beauty. He gets attracted to various things but he does not ask for these things because he knows that his parents cannot afford all these things.

How did the child behave at the shop of the sweetmeat seller?

It shows that the child was a considerate boy. He understood the limitations of his parents. He liked the sweets but he did not insist on buying them. He knew that his parents could not afford it.

How was the child lost in the fair what happened at the temple?

What happened when the lost child reached the temple door ? Answer: When the child reached the temple door men jostled each other. The poor child struggled to thrust his way out but was knocked. He might have been trampled if he had not shouted at his highest pitch.

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How was the child lost in the fair who helped him and how?

Answer: The stranger had a sympathetic behaviour and was full of emotions . He helped the child to find his parents as he thought that it would be beneficial for him by helping the child to meet his parents . The stranger was a kind person and his kindness didn’t allow him to left the child in a hopeless situation .

Why do his parents have to stop and call him every now and then?

Answer: The child was getting tempted by the many distractions on way to the fair. Sometimes he would stop by the toy shops while at other times he would start running after butterflies. The parents had to pause frequently and call him to walk beside them.

How was the child delaying his parents who were in a hurry to reach the fair?

Answer: The boy got distracted by toys which he wanted to buy, butterflies and dragon flies which he wanted to catch and ffc?wers that he wanted to gather. And, out of pine innocence he delayed his parents to reach the’fair. … The child panicked when he realized (hat he had lost his parents.

What happened during the time that the family walked on the path to the fair?

While seeing the fair he got separated from his parents and was terrified and crying. A man with kind hear consoled him and offered a joy ride, but he refused and wanted to go back to his parents.