How do you baby proof a Wolf stove?

Can you lock Wolf stove?

Wolf cooking products are industry compliant for UL and CSA standards. There is no option to lock the oven door; the electric oven door locks only in self-clean mode. This is a safety measure to ensure nothing gets trapped in an oven unintentionally.

How do you lock a Wolf oven?


  1. Touch and hold LOCK for three seconds to lock and unlock the control panel.
  2. In lock mode, “KEY LOCKED” appears when a key is pressed and all keys are silenced.

How do I block my kitchen from my baby?

How To Baby Proof Your Kitchen

  1. Baby Proof Cabinets and Drawers. …
  2. Soften Sharp Edges and Corners. …
  3. Unplug Small Appliances. …
  4. Child Proof Your Stove. …
  5. Use Appliance Locks. …
  6. Look Out for Sneaky Hazards. …
  7. Put a Lid on Trash. …
  8. Practice Safe Cooking.

How does a stove guard help childproof a kitchen?

15. How does a stove guard help childproof a kitchen? It blocks heating units.

How do you unlock a Wolf cooktop?

How to Unlock a Wolf Ceramic Cooktop

  1. Look in the bottom right corner of your Wolf ceramic cooktop. A key symbol glows when the cooktop is locked.
  2. Press and hold the glowing key symbol for three seconds. …
  3. Hold the key symbol down for a further three seconds to reactivate the lock.
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How do I stop my Wolf oven from self cleaning?

Cancellation of self-clean is different for Wall Ovens and Dual Fuel or Induction Ranges:

  1. On the wall ovens, press the desired oven Off key, but the oven will stay locked until cool.
  2. The Dual Fuel or Induction range bezel can be rotated to the Off position, but the oven will stay locked until cool.

How do you reset a Wolf oven?

To clear the code, turn the oven circuit breaker off for 60 seconds before turning it on again. If your oven is not in self-clean mode, sometimes a Wolf oven shows error code OPP if the door latch is blocked. Check to make sure that the oven racks or another object aren’t obstructing the latch before clearing the code.