How do you take the child lock off a Citroen C3?

How do you turn off child safety locks?

How to set and turn off the child safety locks

  1. Open back passenger door.
  2. Move child safety lock switch down to locked position.
  3. Repeat on both rear doors.

How do you fix a stuck child safety lock?

How to Fix a Child Safety Door Lock on a Car

  1. Remove the plastic cover around the child lock lever with a flat-head screwdriver, exposing a larger hole to see inside the lock mechanism.
  2. Spray the WD-40 in and around the lock lever, being sure to get the lubricant deep into the child lock mechanism.

Why is my car door not closing?

if your trunk or hatch won’t close because the latch is out of alignment with the anchor on the body, try this: take a look at the anchor as you slowly close the trunk or hatch. if the latch is not properly engaging the anchor, it may need adjustment. grab the anchor and check if it is loose. this may be the problem.

How do I take the child lock off my Jeep Liberty?

To use the system, open each rear door, use a flat blade screwdriver (or ignition key) and rotate the dial counterclockwise to engage the Child-Protection lock and clockwise to disengage the Child-Protection locks.

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