Question: Do baby guppies eat algae?

Is it bad for guppies to eat algae?

The answer is yes, they eat algae, and they are very good at it. However, algae don’t make up a complete diet. Guppies still need insects, invertebrates, and also fish fry to survive. If we take a look at the algae part of the diet, we can see that guppies get plenty of protein and additional nutrients from algae.

Will algae eaters eat baby guppies?

yes they will eat anything they can catch and fit into their mouth.

Is green water good for guppy fry?

Greenwater, or phytoplankton, are known by most aquarium hobbyists as good quality small fish fry food, like betta fry.

Do guppies eat green hair algae?

Alongside fellow live-bearers like mollies and platys, guppies too eat hair algae. Hair algae, also called fuzz or thread algae, is notorious for growing on gravel, plants, and decorations. It grows prolifically and is quite challenging to remove. Luckily, guppies can come to your rescue.

What fish will not eat baby guppies?

Shrimp are unlikely to eat them, pitbull plecos, maybe glass catfish (maybe because they like to school, get 4″, and can be a little sensitive), a banjo catfish (these guys always have a special place in my heart), kuhli loaches (they like to be in groups of atleast 3), whiptail catfish (they get pretty big though), …

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