You asked: What do baby elephants like to do?

What are elephants good at doing?

Elephants are “ecosystem engineers”: They push over trees to maintain savanna ecosystems, excavate waterholes and fertilize land, which helps other animals thrive. … Protecting elephant habitat helps many other species as well.

How do the baby elephant enjoy?

The baby elephants enjoyed playing in the water. … Elephants love to play with mud and water. The mud keeps their skin cool. Their big ears also work like fans.

How are elephants playful?

Elephants are very creative when they play, sometimes using bones, stones, plants or sticks. Perhaps the most recognized playful behavior among these pachyderms is the hallmark “floppy run,” in which they trot with their giant Dumbo-like ears swinging side-to-side, trumpeting and snorting all the while.

Do baby elephants like to cuddle?

All this baby elephant wants is hugs, hugs, hugs. … While humans would consider this kind of behavior “needy,” baby elephants are the exception to the rule. They’re just too adorable and too floppy for dated human boundaries.

How are elephants useful to 4 points?

Answer: they are key stone species and play very important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystem in which they live. during dry season they use there tusk to dig for water.

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