Best answer: Is a parent responsible for an 18 year old in high school?

Is an 18 year old in high school considered an adult?

Most teens turn 18 during their senior year of high school, when the majority of 18-year-olds are still supported by their parents and living at home. While you may still see a child who leaves socks on the floor and forgets to take out the trash, your child is now legally an adult.

Do my parents still have control over me when I’m 18?

When will my parents stop having “custody and control” of me? When you turn 18, you are considered an adult. Your parents are no longer legally responsible, nor do they have legal control over you. This is called reaching the “age of majority.”

What are parents responsible for when child turns 18?

Your child’s age has finally caught up with their attitude and they are an adult, and you might be wondering what obligations you have to your child now that they are 18. The answer, according to the law, is zero. … No legal responsibility is on the parent of a child 18 years and older.

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At what age is a child legally independent?

Emancipation is a legal process that gives a teenager who is 16 or 17 legal independence from their parents or guardians. Emancipation can be an important legal tool for certain teenagers, but you should give it careful thought before moving ahead.

At what age does a child become legally responsible?

The age of criminal responsibility is 16, though children aged 12 and over can be considered to have committed crimes. Children under 12 are considered incapable of breaking the law, and are treated as victims, not offenders, if they do something that would be considered a crime for someone older.

Are parents legally responsible for 16 year old?

Your parents or carers are responsible for making sure you are safe and well usually until you reach the age of 18. This is because the law states that until you reach this age, you are still regarded as a minor and therefore your parents are still legally responsible for your welfare.

Can parents ground you when your 18?

yes, it is legal. grown women do not live with their parents and are supported by them. if you do not like the rules of the house, move out.

What rights do 18 year olds have?

Legal Changes at Age 18

At 18 years old, you can vote, buy a house, or even get married without restriction in most states. On the other hand, you can also get sued, gamble away your tuition through online poker, or make terrible stock market investments.

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Can your parents hit you at 18?

Can parents hit their 18 year old? Hitting an adult child is no more acceptable than hitting a minor child. … As an adult, it’s a criminal matter – either domestic violence, assault and battery, however you want…