Can I use shea butter on baby face?

Can shea butter darken the skin?

Dear skin care enthusiasts, does Shea Butter actually darken the skin? … Shea butter can be used for tanning, but it can also be used to lighten the skin. Not bleach, but get it back to its original colour.”

Does shea butter lighten skin?

Due to its high concentration of vitamin E, shea butter is a potent skin lightener. … There are many essential oils on the market that are recognized as useful in achieving even skin tone, dealing with hyperpigmentation and lightening dark areas.

Can I use shea butter on my face during the day?

Shea butter has been known to clog pores

You can also apply the shea butter in pure form. However, it’s important to note that it should be applied at night time rather than in the morning, as your makeup may not sit well on top of it.

Can I leave shea butter on my face overnight?

Apply shea butter in a thin layer, leave on for about 10 minutes, and then wash it off rather than leaving it on overnight. (Don’t forget: There’s a chance that shea butter could clog your pores, so tread carefully when trying this one!)

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