Frequent question: Are Cloud Island diapers eco friendly?

Where are Cloud Island diapers made?

Made in: China

There are many similarities between the two although Millie Moon diapers are made in China whereas Cloud Island diapers were made in the USA.

What happened to Cloud Island diapers?

Target discontinued Cloud Island diapers and wipes in April 2021, and replaced them with the Millie Moon brand. Millie Moon is available exclusively at Target. If you liked using Cloud Island diapers, consider replacing them with Rascal and Friends diapers, which are available at Wal-Mart and great for sensitive skin.

Do Hello Bello diapers have chemicals?

In many ways Hello Bello Diapers are safer than regular disposables – they don’t contain nasty chemicals that could lead to skin irritations. Since they are free of artificial fragrances, lotions, latex, phthalates, TBT and chlorine, they are less likely to cause allergies and diaper rashes.

Are up and up diapers chlorine free?

Up & Up diapers contain both wood fluff pulp and cotton. Their pulp is elemental chlorine-free. All sizes do have a wetness indicator. Their inner liner is hypoallergenic and contains aloe and vitamin E.

Are honest diapers chlorine free?

The Honest diapers come in a variety of patterns you can choose from for a more custom look. This diaper earned a relatively high score for eco-friendliness, where many traditional diapers struggle in this metric. It is totally chlorine-free (TCF), uses plant-based plastics and pulp from sustainably managed forests.

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