Frequent question: Can I discharge my baby from NICU?

What are the criteria for discharge from the NICU?

Some nurseries require a minimum weight for discharge, but more often, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff will evaluate the baby on these three criteria: Can the baby maintain body temperature in an open crib for at least 24-48 hours, depending on how premature the baby was at birth?

When can a baby be released from NICU?

1 This usually happens around 37 weeks gestational age, but some babies—especially those who have had severe respiratory problems— might take longer. Some premature babies are sent home with an NG tube or a G-tube.

How can I get my baby out of NICU faster?

How to advocate for your preemie in the NICU

  1. Request a primary nurse for your baby.
  2. Dive in on taking care of your baby.
  3. Be upfront about any problems with the staff.
  4. Be the expert on your baby.
  5. Ask anything.
  6. Don’t be shy about getting a second opinion.
  7. Push for a better bed for your baby – or yourself.

Can you discharge your baby against medical advice?

Studies have shown that patients who discharge themselves from hospital against medical advice are at higher risk of readmission; it not only jeopardises their medical care but also can lead to increasing costs for the care provider (Paul and Remorino, 2010).

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What criteria should be met prior to discharging the newborn home from the hospital?

Additional criteria that need to be met before discharge of a healthy newborn include:

  • Clinical and physical examinations reveal no illness or reason for continued hospital stay.
  • The infant has completed at least two successful feedings, either bottle or breastfed.

Is there a specific minimum weight for discharge?

In the department, it has traditionally been the practice to discharge premature low birth weight infants when they were medically fit and had attained a minimum weight of 2000 g (2 kg).

At what weight can a baby leave the NICU?

Some hospitals have a rule on how much the baby must weigh before going home, but this is becoming less common. In general, babies are at least 4 pounds (2 kilograms) before they are ready to come out of the incubator.

Can a 35 week baby go home?

A baby born at 35 weeks needs special care in a nursery until they can feed by mouth, breathe without support, and maintain their body weight and temperature. If a preterm baby is kept in a nursery, doctors will prepare the mother to return home without taking their baby with them.

Can you discharge your baby from NICU?

Many premature babies are discharged before their original due dates, and there are some that stay well beyond when they were due to be born. There is not a specific rule or amount of time a premature baby has to stay in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), instead a set of milestones they will need to meet.

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Can you discharge your newborn from hospital?

Discharge means your baby is released from hospital care and you can take him home. To get ready for discharge, talk to your partner, your baby’s health care provider and the NICU staff about caring for your baby at home.