Frequent question: How do you baby proof a socket?


Should you baby proof plug sockets?

All British sockets, by law, are fully protected against the insertion of objects which are not plugs! No responsible “childproofing experts” recommend the use of socket covers, the only people who do are those who sell them!

How do you child proof a socket?

Safe-Plate Slide Covers

These are baby-proof outlet covers that replace your existing one. Safe plate slide covers have spring-loaded shutters that cover the holes in the sockets completely. To plug something in, place the prongs into the cover and slide it across to reach the actual outlet.

Are new outlets baby proof?

Tamper-resistant outlets reduce the risk of electrical injuries, but they are not completely tamper-proof. Unfortunately, some people believe that tamper-resistant outlets are “child proof” when they are not. Tamper-resistant outlets do not prevent children from imitating adults and inserting plugs into outlets.

How do you cover a baby socket?

The quickest and simplest way of protecting your child from electric shock is by using a simple electric socket cover. These look a little like electric plugs, but are flat as they don’t actually contain any cables. These push into the sockets and can’t be pulled out easily by small fingers.

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Do I really need outlet covers?

Box outlet covers protect the entire outlet. They can be left attached even when the outlet’s in use, and they can be easily removed to re-expose the outlet when needed. Box covers are a good alternative to plastic plugs or sliding outlets because they protect the entire outlet and secure to the wall.

Can a child get electrocuted from a plug socket?

In short, electrocution death is extremely unlikely for anyone, and especially so for children. If you’re installing outlet covers to avoid accidental electrocution death, there are much better uses of your time.

How do I block plugs from my child?

A cord shortener allows you to store the excess of a long cord inside a receptacle your child can’t access. This prevents tugging and pulling on the cord. A cord cover often comes combined with an outlet cover. It keeps the plug and part of the cord hidden away so it cannot be pulled out of the outlet.

Is there any fix to stubborn child proof outlets?

If your tamper resistant outlet won’t open, there’s some consolation. These outlets loosen up with use. After installation, the best solution is simply to use the outlet a lot. Plug something in and unplug it about 100 times to loosen the outlet up.

Do new homes need outlet covers?

As of 2008, the National Electrical Code requires new homes and apartment buildings to be built with tamper resistant receptacles. If your home lacks this safety feature, it’s easy to make the upgrade.