How do I convince my child to wear glasses?

Should I force my child to wear glasses?

Don’t force it upon them – rather tell them to start wearing it for a few hours every day. Gradually increase their wearing time to full day. This gradual transition will allow them to get accustomed to glasses and, before they know it, they will be start wearing it regularly.

What happens if you refuse to wear glasses?

When you aren’t wearing your glasses, you have to strain your eyes a lot more to see things, and that can cause pain in your head. Not wearing your glasses can also cause you to feel fatigued and may negatively impact your energy levels, since you have to work harder without the help of your glasses.

Why do kids hate wearing glasses?

If you or your children dislike wearing your frames, it may be because they’re the wrong shape or size for your face. Newsflash: If your glasses aren’t comfortable, your prescriptions are going to work. Especially if you’re using them to control the progression of myopia in your children.

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