How do I get my baby to latch wider?

How do I deepen my newborn’s latch?

Try shifting baby slightly so she is “nose to nipple” and you will have a better chance at getting a deeper latch! 2. WAIT FOR IT! Wait for baby to open his mouth to the widest point before latching.

What causes shallow latch?

A shallow latch occurs when your baby doesn’t take a large enough mouthful of breast tissue into its mouth when latching. As a result your nipple is too far forward in your baby’s mouth, it can rub on their hard palate, which can cause pain and damage when feeding.

Will a shallow latch correct itself?

Breastfeeding takes practice, and once you are able to practice more, sometimes a shallow latch will correct itself just from practicing and learning over a few weeks. … Research shows that moms often stop breastfeeding in the first two weeks after their baby is born because they don’t have proper support.

What happens if baby has shallow latch?

“When a shallow latch happens, your nipple will be pinched, squeezed, abraded, flattened, or blistered from the excessive suction being targeted at a tiny area of the nipple rather than applied to the whole nipple, as well as the baby’s tongue rubbing it like sandpaper,” says Lynnette Hafken, IBCLC, lactation …

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