How do I keep my baby off the stairs?

How do I keep my baby from climbing stairs?

Install a safety gate at the door of your child’s room to prevent the baby from reaching the top of the stairs. Keep stairways clear of toys, shoes, loose carpeting, etc. Place a guard on banisters and railings if your child can fit through the rails.

Why are babies obsessed with stairs?

“Babies enjoy climbing stairs because it allows them to use the muscles to which they have just been ‘introduced,’” S. … Once a child’s neuromuscular development and hand/eye coordination reach a certain point, they can then try to stand and eventually climb stairs.” How fun (and scary) for us.

How common is it for babies to fall down the stairs?

Stair Safety Still an Issue

But 25% of children under age 1 were injured while they were carried on the stairs, and 16% fell in a baby walker. The majority of injuries were bruises and other soft tissue injuries, which accounted for 35% of injuries.

What can I use instead of a stair gate?

Plug socket protectors, door slam protectors, corner protectors – practically everything that can be protected has a solution. There is one area of the home, however, that many parents find incredibly difficult to family-proof: the staircase.

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How do I stop my child from climbing over a banister?

The fastest and most appealing answer would be to install plexiglass banister guards. The see-thru plexiglass barrier will ensure your baby doesn’t fall or get stuck between the railings. It will also prevent the climbers from trying to climb the railings.

Are stairs good for babies?

Infant walkers are unsafe and should not be used, but they’re especially dangerous around stairs. Stairs are one of the 10 most common sources of injury for toddlers and small children, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports.