How do I tire out my child?

How do you tire kids at home?

Going up and down the stairs is a good way to tire out your kids — and they won’t even realize they’re exercising. Of course, you’ll need a set of sturdy, safe stairs that aren’t too slippery. Then make said stairs into a game. Whoever can do the most sets, wins!

How can I get energy out of my toddler?

Top of the hour

Five-minute or 10-minute energy burns at the top of each hour may help keep the peace. Have kids set a timer and choose easy exercises: running in place, jumping jacks, skipping rope, practicing sit-ups and squats.

How do I tire my child out before bed?

How to Tire Out a Toddler Before Bed

  1. Active play that really engages the gross motor skills of a child can help make them weary by the end of the day. …
  2. Exercise is not a bedtime activity; parents should avoid encouraging energetic play the last hour before the bedtime ritual starts.

How do you tire out a child at night?

Go for a swim. If you can keep your kids active during the day, then chances are they’ll be worn out at bedtime. As well as keeping them active, swimming is a great way of tiring out your kids and if you have a toddler, they nearly always end up having a nap afterwards which means they will sleep at bedtime too.

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How can I help my child with high energy?

High Energy Attention Ideas

  1. Play moving games like hide and seek or tag.
  2. Give them a piggy back ride.
  3. Hold them upside down and have them walk on their hands (wheelbarrow style)
  4. Do a silly dance together.
  5. Spin around and fall down.
  6. Wrestle.

How can I wear my child out?

10 Ways to Wear Kids Out When the Weather Isn’t Cooperating

  1. Have a dance party!
  2. Exercise!
  3. Create an indoor obstacle course!
  4. Play an active game!
  5. Clean as a team!
  6. Bounce your cares away!
  7. Put on a performance!
  8. Work your brain with art!

How can I get my toddler to burn energy indoors?

20 Indoor Games to Help Kids Burn Energy

  1. Play freeze dance. …
  2. Blow bubbles (in a relatively empty area, of course) and challenge your kids to pop them all before they hit the ground.

What do you do with kids indoors?

Things to do indoors with your children

  • Household treasure hunt. Have fun exploring your home and create your own treasure hunt. …
  • Science experiments. …
  • Arts & Crafts. …
  • Make dens. …
  • Baking. …
  • Make your own TV show. …
  • Recycle cardboard boxes. …
  • Making music.