How do you entertain a child with Down syndrome?

How do you interact with a child with Down syndrome?

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  1. Look directly at your baby when you talk to him or her. …
  2. Play games like peek-a-boo.
  3. Show different objects to your baby. …
  4. Let your baby see himself or herself in the mirror. …
  5. If your child shows interest in an object, person, or event, say the name of the person or object or talk about the event.

What toys do kids with Down syndrome like?

Our Favorite Toys for Kids with Down Syndrome

  • Play mats. Play mats are a great place to engage your child in tummy time activities for gross motor development as well as reaching and grasping objects.
  • Floor mirror. …
  • Squigz.

What activities do children with Down syndrome enjoy?

Do a variety of activities in short bursts to help prevent frustration or boredom. Children with Down Syndrome can be prone to being over-weight as their activity levels can be lower than their peers. Walking, swimming, cycling etc are all excellent ways of maintaining fitness.

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How do you talk to Down syndrome?

How to Talk About Down Syndrome

  1. People with Down syndrome should always be referred to as people first.
  2. Instead of “a Down syndrome child,” it should be “a child with Down syndrome.” Also avoid “Down’s child” and describing the condition as “Down’s,” as in, “He has Down’s.”

What is a good gift for a child with Down syndrome?

Top Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old with Down Syndrome

  • Cartoon R/C Formula Race Car Radio Control Toy by Liberty Imports (ENGLISH Packaging) …
  • Disney Pixar Cars 3 Four Lane Race Set. …
  • Disney Pixar Cars 3 Piston Cup Diecast Collection, 10-Pack Vehicles. …
  • Foam Knight Sword & Shield. …
  • Woofer (Hound Dog Guitar)

What is a good gift for a Down syndrome girl?

What are the Best Gifts for People with Disabilities and Sensory Processing Disorders?

  1. Sock of the Month Club Subscription. …
  2. Gluten-Free Cookies that Support People with Down Syndrome. …
  3. Sensory-Friendly Gifts. …
  4. Tablets for Gaming, Streaming Video, and More. …
  5. Bean Bag Chairs or Swings.

What do you buy for a Down syndrome baby?


  • Toys that provide tactile stimulation and musical toys as the baby got older.
  • A floor mirror that can lay flat or stand up.
  • Toysmith Teether Ball.
  • Crayola Jumbles.
  • Infant rattles and other early toys that can be held with shorter fingers and thumbs. “ …
  • A great colorful mat for tummy time.

How does Down syndrome affect the person’s daily activities?

Kids with Down syndrome tend to grow and develop more slowly than other children do. They may start walking or talking later than other babies. Special help, such as physical therapy and speech therapy, can give kids a boost with their walking and talking skills.

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What can you teach a child with Down syndrome?

Tactile demonstrations and activities also appeal to many students with Down syndrome. Directly teach timetables, routines and school rules to students. Speak directly to the student, using clear language and short sentences, and use appropriate and unambiguous facial expressions.

How do you teach a child with Down syndrome?

Step 3: Get set, go!

  1. Your days should look like this: Wake up, take off wet diaper, go to the bathroom. …
  2. Go to the bathroom when you anticipate need to urinate or to stool. …
  3. Make it fun! …
  4. Use a visual schedule to reinforce verbal directions to child.
  5. Use a reinforcer.
  6. Change your reinforcers from time to time.