How do you play don’t say baby game?

How do you play baby shower clothespin?

When guests arrive, hand a pin to each guest and have them attach it to a noticeable place on their clothing. Tell them your pre-selected “forbidden” word. If another guest catches them using the forbidden word, they will have to turn over their pin to that guest.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

How Many Games Should be Played at A Baby Shower? Depending on how long you want your baby shower to go, usually between two and three games is enough to get your guests mingling and keep them entertained, while still allowing for enough time to socialize with one another and the expecting mama.

How do you win don’t say baby game?

Each guest will grab 1 pin and put it onto their shirt. Anytime a guest says “baby”, their pins can be stolen. The guest with the highest number of pins at the end of the baby shower wins!

How do you win the drinking bottle baby game?

Everyone leaves their bottle on the table and one person counts down from 3. On the count of 1 everyone begins sucking on their baby bottle and tries to finish their bottle first. The first person to finish their bottle is the SUCKING CHAMPION and gets to give out three shots however they want.

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What’s in the nappy game ideas?

Nappy Tasting

All you need to do is get some nappies and number them. Then find poo looking type foods that you can put in the nappy and get the guest to use their sense of smell to work out what is what. Great fillings for the nappies are things like melted chocolate, curry paste, chocolate spread or peanut butter.

What candy bars do you use for the diaper game?

Use candy bars like Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, Reeses, Rolos, Snickers, Twix, York Peppermint Patties, Kit Kat, M&M’s you get the idea.

What is the clothespin game?

The point of the game is for players to “steal” as many clothespins as they can from other guests, and the one (or two or three) left with the most clothespins at the end of the event wins. Players “steal” clothespins by catching another player saying a Forbidden Word.