How do you preserve baby’s first shoes?

How do you preserve your first shoes?

Mix bronze, copper or gold powder with a fast drying spar varnish. Add the powder and stir until you have the consistency of paint. Continue stirring so that powder doesn’t settle to the bottom. Apply the varnish to the shoes with a good camel’s hair paintbrush.

Do they Bronze baby shoes anymore?

The popularity of bronzing baby shoes has fallen in and out of popularity over time. There are still companies today who will bronze sentimental items for you. … Since 1934, the American Bronzing Company has bronzed over 14,000,000 baby shoes for sentimental parents.

When was it popular to bronze baby shoes?

A baby’s first pair of shoes can be an emotional reminder of just how little they once were. Wear patterns preserved during the bronzing process only add to the charm. Up until the 1970s the trend was going strong, but fell out of fashion during the 1980s and 1990s. Now, the trend has come back around again!

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