How do you reset an Anmeate baby monitor?

How do I reset my baby monitor?

Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the Smart Baby Monitor while the power cord is connected. Hold until the green LED on the front of long flashes and turns off.

How do you pair an Anmeate camera?


  1. Press the Menu/Eixt key then the menu will pop up;
  2. Press the LEFT key or RIGHT key until the camera icon is highlighted then press UP key or DOWN key to select the desired camera to pair;
  3. Press OK key to start the pairing ;

Why does my Anmeate baby monitor say waiting for connection?

Most likely, the plug going into the camera unit is not fully plugged in. Even though it appears to be plugged in, you have to force it in as far as it will go.

What is Eco mode on Anmeate monitor? 8. MENU OPERATION 8.1 ECO SETTING This mode allows you to control the sound activation of your baby monitor. The ECO default setting is OFF. If there is no sound around the camera within 30 Seconds, it will stops transmitting.

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Where is the reset button on my VTech baby monitor?

You can reset the parent unit by pressing the RESET key at the back of the unit. Use a pin and insert it into the hole on the back of the parent unit, and then press the button inside. Go to to register your product for enhanced warranty support and latest VTech product news.

How do you switch the camera on an Anmeate baby monitor?

Press the LEFT key or RIGHT key until the camera icon is highlighted in red then press UP key or DOWN key to select the desired camera to pair. Press OK key to start the pairing. While the LED is flashing, press and hold for few seconds the PAIR button in the back of baby unit.

How do I switch between cameras on Anmeate baby monitor?

Please use the OK button on the parent unit to switch between the paired cameras. When pressing the OK button, it will switch the view to the next paired camera. On the top of the LCD display you will see the number of the camera it is connected to.

Why does my hello baby monitor keep turning off?

Why does my monitor turn off/go into standby mode after many hours of no sound? Answer: Hello! The INSMA baby monitor has a VOX mode, if you turn on VOX mode, screen sleeps when volume is under 60 DB for 20/40/60s (3 levels for choice), and lights up again when volume is above 60 DB.

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Why does my baby monitor say no signal?

A digital baby monitor uses the 2.4GHz frequency signal band. When it comes up against another device using the same frequency band and channel, interference happens. Radio frequencies can also cause interference. Devices such as stereo speakers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers and microwaves are the main culprits.

Why is my Vtech baby monitor not working?

If either one of your parent units won’t turn on, you may simply have drained or faulty batteries. Plug in the power cable to the parent unit to check if the device will turn on. If your device will only turn on when plugged into the power cable, then you may have to replace the batteries in your device.

How do I pair my Vava baby monitor?

Pairing the Baby Monitor & the Camera

When you power on the monitor and camera, the two will automatically pair. To add more cameras, press the Pair Button at the bottom of the camera, press Menu button, select through -> -> , and then the monitor will auto-pair with the camera.