Quick Answer: What is another word for cry baby?

What does it mean to be called a cry-baby?

: one who cries or complains easily or often. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About crybaby.

What is a better word than cry?

1 wail, keen, moan. 2 sob, bawl, whimper. 3 yowl, bawl, clamor, vociferate, exclaim, ejaculate, scream.

What is the slang word for cry?

weep , sob , bawl, blubber, blub (UK, slang), wail , burst into tears, break down into tears, give way to tears, shed tears, shed a tear, choke up, sniffle, turn on the waterworks (informal), cry your eyes out (informal), tear up, dissolve into tears, be teary, boohoo, snivel, squall, whimper , moan , howl , groan , …

Is crybaby an insult?

You might be tempted to call someone whose feelings are very easily hurt, who is extremely sensitive and quick to burst into tears, a crybaby. It’s a fairly derogatory term, however, and being called a crybaby will only make a crybaby cry even harder.

Is it bad to be a crybaby?

Unalleviated stress can increase the risk of heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain. The human ability to cry has a survival value. It’s also been shown that emotional tears – when we’re unhappy rather than in pain – contain higher levels of manganese and potassium.

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What is the powerful verb of cry?

weep, shed tears, sob, wail, be in tears, cry one’s eyes out, cry one’s heart out, cry as if one’s heart would break, bawl, howl, snivel, whimper, whine, squall, mewl, bleat. lament, grieve, mourn, keen.

What is a light cry called?

Whimpering: Soft crying usually including few or no tears at all; Often incorporates muttering and/or high-pitched sighs. … Weeping: A gentler version of sobbing; Involves soft, steady stream of tears with some times lightly audible signs of distress.

What is a loud cry called?

1. Scream, shriek, screech apply to crying out in a loud, piercing way. … Shriek usually refers to a sharper and briefer cry than scream; when caused by fear or pain, it is often indicative of more terror or distress; shriek is also used for shrill uncontrolled cries: to shriek with laughter.

What is a snivel mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to run at the nose. 2 : to snuff mucus up the nose audibly : snuffle. 3 : to cry or whine with snuffling. 4 : to speak or act in a whining, sniffling, tearful, or weakly emotional manner.

How do you say im crying in different ways?


  1. bellowing.
  2. blubbering.
  3. crying.
  4. groan.
  5. lament.
  6. lamentation.
  7. plaint.
  8. sobbing.

What is a word for crying uncontrollably?

Verb. Weep uncontrollably. bawl uncontrollably. sob uncontrollably.