What can I substitute for baby shampoo?

What can I use if I dont have baby shampoo?

Even if your baby suffers from cradle cap, then shampoo isn’t necessary and might make the problem worse. A soft oil or moisturiser works far better and won’t damage delicate skin.

What can I substitute for baby wash?

10 Easy Homemade Alternatives of Care Products for Babies

  • 1 Bath Foam. Whirl 1 cup of oats in a blender or food processor until they are reduced to powder. …
  • 2 Liquid Soap. You can make your own baby’s organic soap using: …
  • 3 Shampoo. For an organic baby shampoo, use: …
  • 4 Lotion. …
  • 5 Massage Oil. …
  • 6 Rash Cream. …
  • 7 Powder. …
  • 8 Wipes.

Can I use regular shampoo on babies?

Gentle soaps or all-in-one washes are sufficient to clean babies’ scalps – they tend to not have much in the way of hair – but once those kids sport a full head of hair, adult shampoos are fine.

Does Johnson baby shampoo help pink eye?

Rinsing your eye with warm soaks is soothing for both the bacterial and viral infections. We recommend using baby shampoo to clean the residue off your eyes before applying the medication. Baby shampoo is used so as not to sting your eyes especially in the event of an infection or irritation.

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Is baby shampoo Good for blepharitis?

Keeping your eyelids clean and free of crusts is typically the key to treating blepharitis. In addition, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following. Wash your eyelids with a mixture of diluted baby shampoo and warm water. In some cases, artificial tear solutions may be prescribed.

When can I use regular soap on my baby?

Until your baby is about 1 year old, use products designed for babies or very mild soap only on the parts of his body that really need it. (Once he’s eating solid food, you may have a few more areas to clean.)

How do you make natural baby soap?


  1. 1/4 cup castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s unscented castile soap)
  2. 1 tablespoon glycerin (here is the kind I have)
  3. 1 tsp fractionated coconut oil (this is the kind I use)
  4. 5 drops lavender essential oil.
  5. 3 drops roman chamomile essential oil.
  6. 10-ounce foaming soap container.