What is Baby Annabell’s brother called?

Can baby Alexander have water?

Baby Alexander is just like a real baby! He can drink real water, cry tears and be rocked to sleep!

What’s the difference between Baby Annabell and Baby Alexander?

Baby Annabell Alexander is the male version of Baby Annabell although other than eye colour I think the actual dolls are the same, but they have different colour clothes and accessories (blue or pink). The 43cm interactive dolls react to touch and movement to make play time more responsive and fun.

Does baby Alexander cry real tears?

Annabell and Alexander are almost like real babies with their lifelike functions. They love their bottle, cry real tears and their favourite game it to play bouncing.

Can Baby Annabell drink real water?

Baby Annabell is just like a real baby! With realistic mouth movements and baby sounds. She can drink real water, cry tears and be rocked to sleep! Plus she has a soft cuddly body and loves to laugh.

Can Baby Annabell go in water?

Learn to Swim Baby Annabell takes 3 AA batteries which are not included. … To teach Learn to Swim Baby Annabell you have to hold her upright in the water where she splashes her arms in the water. You can then lie her back where she floats and kicks her legs and arms.

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Which baby doll cries real tears?

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby doll drinks and cries like a real baby! Fill up her juice box with water, and feed her! When she’s done drinking, she cries tears that mommy or daddy can wipe away with the tissue. Don’t forget to wipe her nose when it lights up red!

How do you make small tears cry?

Feed Tiny Tears water from her bottle, sit her up and she will cry real tears. Sit her on her potty, then put on her pull-up knickers. When its time for bed, lie her down and she will close her eyes.

What does the baby Alexander doll do?

Each 43cm doll comes with a soft blue romper, hat, bib, bottle and necklace. Interactive functions include bottle feeding, burping, dummy sucking, rocking to sleep, crying and calming, bouncing and tickling.

Are Baby Born and Baby Annabell the same size?

The outfits measuring 28-33 cm are suitable for the small BABY born and Baby Annabel (30 cm) and other dolls of the same size. The 34-38 cm size is suitable for the 36 cm version of BABY born and Baby Annabell.