What is the best stretch mark cream to use while pregnant?

How can I treat stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretchmark Treatment Factors

  1. Moisturize. Water consumption is important for the changes in pregnant women, and drinking enough water may also help keep skin hydrated and soft. …
  2. Collagen and elastin. …
  3. (1) Massage. …
  4. (2) Exercise. …
  5. (3) Exfoliation. …
  6. (4) Cocoa Butter. …
  7. (5) Coconut oil. …
  8. (6) Aloe vera (and wheat germ, too!)

When should you start using belly oil when pregnant?

Every pregnancy is different, but it can’t hurt to start using belly oil during your first trimester. The skin can become dry and painful, and you’ll have a changing body before you know it. Keeping your skin moisturized is the best way to maintain healthy and soft skin.

Is it safe to use stretch mark cream?

Do some work better than others? We can’t guarantee that every single stretch mark cream on the market is safe, but in general, if you found that stretch mark product on an OTC drugstore shelf, it’s probably just fine to use.

Is Mederma scar gel safe during pregnancy?

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy combines botanical ingredients in a formula that hydrates your skin to help prevent stretch marks. It is clinically shown to improve the appearance of stretch marks and is safe to use during pregnancy, beginning in the second trimester, and while breastfeeding.

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What week do stretch marks appear?

Some women will start to get them in the second trimester, others might see them at around 30 weeks pregnant, and still others may not notice them until the last few weeks of the third trimester. Some women don’t get any at all.

Can coconut oil prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Simply take a scoop of Coconut Oil, massage it over the stretch marks, and allow it to absorb into the skin. This is best done after showering, as the oil absorbs better on damp skin. It is recommended for pregnant women to do this everyday during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

Will stretch marks go away after pregnancy?

The good news is that stretch marks usually become considerably less noticeable about six to 12 months after childbirth. The pigmentation fades and they generally become lighter than the surrounding skin (the color will vary depending on your skin color), but their texture will remain the same.