When do newborns get all their shots?

What age do babies get all their shots?

The first dose should be given at 2 months, the second dose at 4 months, the third dose at 6 months, the fourth dose at 15–18 months, and the fifth dose at 4–6 years.

How many shots do newborns get?


Age (completed weeks/months/years) Vaccines Doses
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV 3) 1 PCV
6 months InfluenzaOPV 12
9 months9-12 months Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR 1)Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine 1
12 months Hepatitis A (Hep A1) 1

How many injections does a 1 year old have?

1 year: Hib/MenC vaccine – given as a single jab containing vaccines against meningitis C (1st dose) and Hib (4th dose) MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) – given as a single jab. PCV (pneumococcal) – 3rd dose.

What vaccines are due at 12 months?

Vaccines at 12 to 23 Months

  • Chickenpox (Varicella) (1st dose)
  • Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough (pertussis) (DTaP) (4th dose)
  • Haemophilus influenzae type b disease (Hib) (4th dose)
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) (1st dose)
  • Polio (IPV) (3rd dose)
  • Pneumococcal disease (PCV13) (4th dose)
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What shots are mandatory for babies?

Immunization Schedule

  • Chickenpox (Varicella)
  • Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough (pertussis) (DTaP)
  • Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • Polio (IPV) (between 6 through 18 months)
  • Pneumococcal (PCV)
  • Hepatitis A (HepA)
  • Hepatitis B (HepB)

Do babies get shots at 2 week check up?

Vaccinations. There are no vaccinations given to your child at today’s visit, unless your infant did not receive the hepatitis B vaccine at birth.

Do babies get shots at 6 weeks?

Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine. (Minimum age: 6 weeks.

How many injections do babies have at 12 months?

Your child will get the vaccines as four injections in one day.

How many needles do babies get at 12 months?

At 12 months

At this age, your child will get three immunisations, all given by injection: The first immunisation helps to protect your child from the A, C, W and Y strains of meningococcal disease. The second immunisation helps to protect your child from measles, mumps and rubella.

What should I be looking for after 1 year old injection?

The side effects that are most often reported after the 6-in-1 vaccine, in up to 1 in 10 babies, are:

  • pain, redness and swelling at the injection site.
  • fever (high temperature above 38C) – more common at the second and third dose.
  • vomiting.
  • abnormal crying.
  • irritability.
  • loss of appetite.