Where are Westwood design cribs made?

Where are Pottery Barn cribs manufactured?

Pottery Barn Kids

I love Pottery Barn, and was thrilled when they started selling Greenguard-certified furniture. However, they are still manufactured in Asia and only some of their cribs are made with solid wood, and others contain MDF and/or pegboard.

Where are Delta cribs manufactured?

Imported from China and Indonesia, Delta (also known as Delta Luv and Babies Love by Delta) is perhaps best known for their low-price cribs sold in big box stores.

Are Pottery Barn cribs safe?

Another thing that I love about all of Pottery Barn’s crib furniture is they are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified which means that the crib passes the most strict guidelines for chemical emissions standards, so you know that your baby will not near any harmful chemicals.

Is JPMA better than greenguard?

Products must be sample tested at independent laboratories and meet rigorous safety standards in order to be JPMA certified. … The JPMA certification differs from the GREENGUARD gold certification in that it focuses on meeting a bar of functionality and performance rather than a level of emissions.

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Does Delta make good cribs?

Delta Children has been making high quality cribs for over 50 years and we’ve featured several of them on this list. … Speaking of safety, the crib is JPMA certified, meets or exceeds CPSC and ASTM standards, and is tested for all heavy metals. All of the hardware and wood felt high quality and fit together really well.

Is Delta Children a safe brand?

We test our products above and beyond the federal standards so you can sleep soundly knowing your little one is safe. We have 8 cutting edge test labs around the world where we ensure our products live up to our rigorous testing standards. No one takes safety and testing as seriously as we do at Delta Children.