Your question: How do you connect the hatch baby?

How do you pair a hatch baby?

There are two ways you can register or connect to your Grow:

  1. After creating a Hatch Baby account for the first time, follow the prompt to set up your Grow.
  2. If you already have a Hatch Baby account, you can go to More >> Hatch Baby Devices >> Hatch Baby Grow >> Set Up a Device. Follow the prompts to connect.

How do I connect my hatch to Bluetooth?

iPhone users on iOS 13 must have Bluetooth Sharing enabled in order to connect to Hatch Rest.

Here’s how to check:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on “Privacy”
  3. Tap on “Bluetooth”
  4. Make sure this setting is enabled under “Rest”

Why is my hatch not connecting?

To help make sure you’re not using cellular data, turn on Airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi. If you can’t connect, try using a different device, or any other smart home devices, to double-check. If you can’t connect with any device, contact your internet service provider to check the service status in your area.

How do I link Hatch to App?

Tap on the Rest you’d like to connect to and you’ll be brought to the main remote screen. If you need to add a new Rest or Rest+ to your account, tap the “Add a Device” icon and follow the steps in the app to connect.

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How do I pair my hatch with my phone?

Those steps are listed below:

  1. Hold the volume up and brightness up buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds (your clock will then display “ON”)
  2. Tap NEXT.
  3. Select your Rest+ from the Available Rest screen.
  4. Choose your WiFi network (your phone will need to be on the same network as your Rest+ during this set-up process)

How do you reset a hatch baby?

After making sure Rest is firmly plugged in both at its base and in the wall, do the following: Take a paperclip and stick it in the small hole on the base of Rest (small black circle in the above diagram). This should reset Rest and allow you to turn it on successfully.

Does Hatch use Bluetooth?

Hatch Baby Rest has a solution called the toddler lock so that curious hands can’t control and play with the device. This Bluetooth-enabled white noise machine can be controlled through your smartphone using the app from Hatch Baby.

Can you use hatch without WiFi?

Yes, you will need a Wi-Fi connection and the Hatch Sleep app. Once set up, in addition to app control, you can use the touch ring and buttons on the Rest+ device itself to control volume and brightness, as well as cycle through your favorite preset sound and light settings.

How do I connect my hatch restore WiFi?

In the Hatch Sleep app, go to the settings page and select your Restore. Tap Update Wi-Fi and follow the prompts to try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network.

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Is Hatch restore Bluetooth?

The Hatch Restore is packaged with a small card that directs users to the instructions on its website. Once it’s connected to a power outlet and you have the app downloaded on your phone, you can sync the device via Bluetooth and a small pairing button located at the bottom of the device.

How do I connect my hatch to hotel WiFi?

Traveling to a Hotel:

In order to connect to your Rest+ via the Hatch Sleep app at a hotel with a captive portal network (or somewhere where WiFi is unavailable), you’ll need to set up a hotspot via your smartphone to connect and control your Rest+.